“Our life and career are mirror images of each other. Success doesn’t just happen in your career, it’s also about success in your personal life.” – Sue Schultz, Career and Life Coach

I had the pleasure of attending Coach Dez’s recent podcast: episode 37, of the Born Unbreakable Podcast Show. This podcast episode gets real with BIG questions and authentic truths in all of us. Tune in as Coach Dez and I talk about overcoming fears, facing the unknown while getting out of your comfort zone, getting past those limiting beliefs, and how you can optimize your resume to stand out among the competition. 

In this podcast, we dive into the nitty-gritty details behind ‘fear,’ and I share how you can change the negative personal narratives in your mind that may be stopping you from achieving your goals. My focus is helping women to fill their emotional bank account and get back into the driver’s seat of their lives. It was such an honor to speak about these important topics with Coach Dez. 

It starts with you. So start with this podcast, and I promise that you will learn a great deal of information, and you might find some gems to help you on your path in life. 

Here is a sneak peek of what we discussed in my Change Begins with YOU episode of the Born Unbreakable Podcast Show. Enjoy! 

Sneak Peak of Change Begins with YOU with Career Coach, Sue Schultz

Coach Dez: It starts with you. I think that many lists have us at the end and we have to change that narrative, right? 

Sue Schultz: Yep. A lot of times I’ll ask ’em [my clients], who’s your best friend and they’ll start naming these people and I’m like, “NO”, that’s wrong. It’s you, you are your best friend and you are beating yourself up by saying, “I’m not pretty enough. I can’t do it. I’m not smart enough…” All those things that still we tell ourselves, you would never say to your best friend ever. You would lift them up, so it’s teaching them that they come first and they are the most important person. No one else. 

Coach Dez: Ugh, I love that. Let’s become our own best friend. That is so good. Sue, I know that there are two kinds of things, normal services that you do with your clients. One is the personalized coaching and then you also have the integrated life academy. So, can you share a little bit? So it sounds like, what you described could be something that you might do in a one-on-one environment with someone, what do you do in your academy? 

Sue Schultz: So, in the academy, it’s the same, it’s just group coaching. Anyone can go into the academy, but usually, it’s you know, COVID gave me, clients that are in their early twenties. They graduated from college and they didn’t want that degree, but they needed to get out in four years. They’re not happy. They don’t wanna do the job. Maybe they wanted to be an accountant, or they’ve got an accounting degree or whatever. They’re lost, but they don’t have experience yet. So, they’re still used to being in a group in school. So, it’s taught in a group setting. It’s the same, but there’s just a group setting of people. Usually, the younger clientele goes into that group coaching. Or, it just could be that someone can’t afford to do one-on-one coaching and invest in themselves. So they go into group coaching so they can have the same experience, but just in a group at a more affordable rate. 

Coach Dez: That totally makes sense. What’s the power that you’ve seen in a group setting. 

Sue Schultz: Well, you know, I can tell you that all the women that I coach, part of our package is group coaching once a month. That is the most powerful group. It is diverse in the fact that it’s different ages, it’s different ethnicities. It’s women who are ready to retire, women who are in the workplace, women who lost their jobs, women who are single moms, they could be married, they could be single, all of that diversity. We just did one on success. What does success mean in a career for you? What does it mean in life? But most importantly, what does it mean to you personally? The YOU piece. What is success to you? That group coaching was so powerful because they all want and they all say the same thing in a different way. Given wherever they are in their life or career, they say the same thing in a different way. So that was one of the biggest takeaways for all of them is that they, they all view things the same. They just say it differently. 

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