“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” ― Mark Twain

Did you know that, on average, it takes about 7 seconds for a recruiter or hiring manager to review your resume? That’s it! That’s all you get to make a first impression these days. Your resume is your story, but it is also your golden ticket. If your resume is not up to par and formatted correctly, you can miss out on an ideal opportunity or that dream job you have been waiting for. So, what do you need to do to make your resume stand out in the crowd? Create a powerful winning resume! And don’t worry, I am going to help you with doing just that. 

With hundreds of templates available online, it can be overwhelming to know which is the ‘right’ one for you. Selecting a template can sometimes help but can also hinder your chances to nail that job. Some templates will help you stand out, but in all the wrong ways. While other templates will keep you organized, but boring. And don’t forget to think about the best resume template for your chosen industry!  

I like to think of myself as the “resume guru” because, in my 30 plus years in talent management, I’ve been able to narrow down the exact formula for what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for on a resume. And lucky for you, I’m going to share ALL of my resume secrets.

There are three highly important things every resume must have to make it to an initial interview. Let’s dive in! 

The Ingredients to a Winning Resume That Will Stand Out 

Clean and Readable

When designing your resume, you want to be sure the employer can easily draw the right conclusions and understand your story. If they are confused by anything on your resume, this can cause them to pass on you quickly. So, be sure to keep it clean, formatted well, and grammar error free!

No Bells and Whistles

Many people like to add colors or icons to their resume; this is a BIG NO. I know, it can be tempting to add that ‘cute’ border on your resume but hold back on this idea. Although these may seem trend-forward and can add personality, they ultimately take credit away from you by distracting your reader (the employer). Keep things simple: nice resume paper with black ink, no pictures (unless it’s an industry standard), and resist adding colors or emojis. 


I cannot stress this enough! Your resume should be consistent throughout. Keep formatting the same on all pages and sections. For example, if you choose to use bulleted points, use these throughout your resume and not in just one area. Same goes with using bolded words or any other special notation. Keep things flowing in a consistent manner throughout your resume, and that next employer will be able to easily see how amazing you are in seven seconds or less!

Resume Course For You

I hope you feel more confident in crafting your resume, but if you are still feeling stuck in the black void of lost resumes — I can help! Sign up for my new resume class today! In this course, I will share more details on what a perfect resume entails, secrets to applying for jobs with success, and how to write a resume that will stand out and get you closer to landings your dream job. Together, we can make your career dreams come true!