Moving from the world of education to the workplace can be a huge culture shock, especially if you’re transitioning into the corporate world. Now throw in a world pandemic, and the transition can be even more difficult. College grads are struggling to find jobs and struggling to stay motivated in new jobs they don’t like. Forbes wrote, “One year after graduating, 45% of the class of 2020 is still looking for work.” If you are struggling to transition into the workforce, let’s talk about how to find a job as a new college grad.  

The corporate world can be intimidating, especially if you are brand new to the game. You can absolutely thrive as a newcomer, but it requires patience, grit, and flexibility to learn. Before I dive into how to find a job as a new college grad, here is a top ten list of America’s best employers for new grads, 2021, compiled by Statista to help your research.

Finding Work For New College Grads 

Goodbye university life, hello real world! The working world is competitive and power-hungry. Aside from these characteristics, the corporate world can also be creative, exciting, and highly rewarding. To get in and survive as a newbie — work hard, but remember your worth and your morals.

  1. New College Grad Resume Prep

Writing a resume when you have no work experience is sometimes overwhelming and demotivating. But remember this: everyone who is an expert now was once a beginner. When writing your resume as a novice, do what you can to fill in the page. In the experience section, include internships, volunteer work, and other extracurriculars that contribute to the job you’re applying for. Always double check your grammar and punctuation, and remember to include skills you’ve gained in college. If you need help getting your resume together, check out my resume course here!

  1. Be Influential and Find Opportunities 

When you are new to anything, the most important thing to do is show up! If you don’t have the job yet, put yourself in a position to be seen. Maybe that means networking at certain events, or reaching out to decision-makers through LinkedIn. The more you network and build connections, the more opportunities will come your way. 

This is especially important when you have no experience. The jobs won’t come knocking on your door, so you must go knocking on theirs. Instead of taking the passive approach and applying for jobs online, take the disruptive job search approach and chase the companies you like.     

  1. Never Attach Your Self-Worth To Your Position

Many do this, and it is truly difficult to not attach ourselves to our performance. For example, you may have a bad month that ruins your entire momentum that you had. Remember: it is not the end of the world and things will improve. At the end of the day, you are worthy with or without this position. So, celebrate the wins but don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t unfold perfectly all the time. That’s life! 

  1. Never Stop Learning

Grade school and college are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to education. In fact, if you want to grow in your career, learning is essential! Education after college may not look like books and classrooms. It may look like career coaches, online courses, or even seminars and workshops. There is always more to learn, and there are lots of people ready to share what they know. You just gotta start looking! 

Advice for How to Find a Job as a New College Grad 

Here are some words of encouragement: be proactive, productive, and eager to learn. YOU are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to, but it takes action. Stay open-minded to new opportunities that come wrapped up differently. You’ve got this, new college graduate. Oh, and by the way, congratulations on graduating!