THE Integrated Life Academy

Success Begins Here

The Integrated Life Academy is designed to support new beginnings. You’re ready to take that first step, you’re just not sure where or how to start. Schedule your admissions interview today if:


You are a college student who is looking for a fresh start


You want to make a career change


You are on the hunt for career re-entry opportunities


You thrive in a group learning environment

What to Expect

In the Integrated Life Academy, we’ll spend 4 months together in a virtual group learning environment. You’ll be lead through programming that begins with laying a solid foundation and ends with you holding the tools to support your success. Begin the admissions process today to get started.

Month 1

We’ll learn who you are and focus on who you want to be.

Month 2

Next, our focus will be on creating goals and designing your dream life

Month 3

We’ll work on how your career & personal life align and will begin to put it all together

Month 4

During your final month, you’ll feel confident with new tools and resume to achieve success