The Free Agent Podcast

It was an honor to be a guest on the Free Agent Podcast, with Meg Shmitz! This episode is all about how to change the stories and limiting beliefs we tell ourselves. Meg and I discuss a wide array of topics with an emphasis on helping women to step outside their comfort zones, and into their dream life. 

I loved being a guest on the Free Agent Podcast because we had a chance to get personal —  and put the good and the bad on the table. Nothing but honest conversation and openness, here. Later on, we examine some of the restricting barriers many women face when leaping into a career they love. These sticky barriers can become difficult to wrestle with but don’t worry, we give you plenty of tips to help navigate them. This podcast is bursting with career-building tips and meaningful questions, where we dig deep on the many struggles we must overcome to get to where we want to go. Get ready for some refreshing content (and perhaps a laugh or two), with this episode!

Podcast Topics Covered

Understanding Where We Come From

Our personal history reveals a lot about our cultivated belief system, which in turn, breeds certain barriers in our lives. This can include: where we grew up; our family life, and even our dating history. Unlocking this information is the key to setting yourself up for success in your career. If you become aware of the origin in your beliefs, then you can mold them into a new truth for yourself. I can help with this process through an integrative career coaching approach

Voices Within

The stories you tell yourself are the same stories that follow you in your life. These stories must be altered, or eradicated, if they are not serving you in the best way possible. We want these negative stories in the “backseat,” not the “driver seat.” Taking charge of driving your own car (your own thoughts) will change your perceptions, and ultimately change your outcome. Your mindset shift takes time, but it can be done!

Listen & Watch the Free Agent Podcast

The Free Agent Podcast is free and available anytime! Check out the Sue Schultz guest episode here. Plug in your headphones on your way to work, while cleaning the dirty dishes, or during your next walk or workout session.Or even take some time to wind down and grab your favorite glass of wine to share with us. 

Cheers to new lessons and new friends! Hope you enjoy!