Sue Schultz

Career & Life Coach

Passionate about inspiring others

Sue Schultz is a coach and mentor. She has guided clients through the world of Talent Management for over 30 years. From placing cold calls for various recruiting firms to running her own recruiting business, Sue understands what it takes to find your dream job and live your best life.

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How I Can Help

You feel stuck. You feel like nothing is aligning in your life like you thought it would.  You’re wondering how to tie everything together while juggling life, partner, health, family, and career.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been where you are – and not too long ago!  I work with women just like you who want a purpose, and not just a “job”.

I’m not just your typical Career Coach. Both life and career MATTER. Both are equally important. If we don’t look at and plan for both, it is easy for one to sabotage the other.  I’m a career and life coach who will help you focus on creating your most whole and prosperous life.

For so long I found myself juggling my career and my family.  I felt stuck.  I was moving up the career ladder, but I was missing my children and riddled with working mom guilt.  I spent most of my career in HR. I have always been passionate about coaching employees on not only their next career move, but also how it integrated into their lives.


Listen and Learn

I take a holistic approach to help you reach your goals.


Get Unstuck

Let’s move through your challenges, together.


Embrace Change

Overcome change with new-found confidence.


Practical Tools

You’ll have the tools to succeed and know exactly how to apply them.

My Promise to You

Inspired Integration is where my passion for mentoring people meets my purpose for helping you find your dream job and live your best life. My holistic approach helps my clients overcome fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotage that are keeping them from the career and life they desire most.

Let’s get you on your path today.

Where to Begin

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or are looking to land your first job, the time to begin is now. Schedule a free call today to determine the best path forward.

Let’s work together to get unstuck, set new goals, and achieve the career and life you’ve been dreaming about.