Asking for a raise can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Your palms might be sweaty and your heart may be racing, all of which is completely normal. Indeed, it is a moment that could really help out your lifestyle and you don’t want to mess it up. So, what do you do? There are some great techniques and best practices to help you prepare for such a big day! 

Think about when you first interviewed for your current position. And how you had to prepare for that day. Remember: there was a scheduled meeting to be on time, you spent time preparing for what you were going to say, and there was a closeout to the conversation. I’m going to let you in on a little secret….it is just like that interview! But this time, you have more value than before since you are currently an employee. Here are some of my favorite “do’s and don’ts” that will help you get ready to ask for that raise because you are worth it! 

Asking For a Raise

Set a Meeting and Prepare 

DO: The setting and timing is crucial when asking for a raise. Ideally, you want to schedule a meeting with your boss in a private setting. A more quiet place without any distractions will play to your benefit because your boss will have their full attention on you. Prepare for any questions that may arise during this meeting so that you feel confident in answering them. These questions may be something like: “How much do you want?” Your answer must be a direct reflection of your worth, and only you know what that is. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! You are valuable and an asset to the company.

DON’T: Ask your boss casually in passing. This can come off as sloppy, unprofessional, and flat-out rude. Additionally, you do not want to ask for a raise around your coworkers. Something like this is meant for private dialogue, not for water cooler chat.  

Know Salary Trends

DO: As you prepare for your meeting, it is best to know the typical salary for your position. Do your research! To do so, I encourage you to investigate the market trends and bring this to your boss’s attention during your meeting. Not only will this add value to your approach, but you can leverage actual data to support your case. Plus, your boss will be impressed at the preparation. It is a win, win! 

DON’T: Enter the meeting with little to no research done. Sure, you can wing it and hope for the best. But you have a better shot at getting what you want when you bring research to the table. The proof you bring is your golden ticket!

The Close

DO: No matter what happens, always thank your manager for their time! Regardless of how you felt the conversation went between you, it is the lasting impact that will resonate with them. So, thank them with confidence and poise. This will not go unnoticed and will leave a lasting impact. You’ve got this!

DON’T: Show any negative emotion or lack of enthusiasm, even if you feel the conversation went south. Always be positive and grateful for the opportunity to speak with them one-on-one. You never know if your thoughts are misleading you and you don’t want to ruin the opportunity. 

Get Uncomfortable, And Go For It!

It can be challenging to ask for a raise and put your value out there. But remember, that YOU are VALUABLE and YOU are WORTH IT. The longer you wait, the more stuck you will feel. So, get uncomfortable with the discomfort, and get out there! That raise won’t ask for itself, you gotta take charge. If you are feeling hesitant or don’t know where to start, let’s chat about personalized coaching to get you closer to that raise that you deserve!