Fighting The Urge to Delay

Procrastination. We’ve all done this, and it’s usually stressful everytime. This old friend keeps us stuck in a stressed mindset and holds up back from achieving our goals. You may recognize the overwhelming sound of the ticking clock and you know that time is running out! So what do you do?– pull everything together at the last minute, in hopes of meeting expectations and delivering your absolute, best work. But you already know it’s not going to be your best work. 

Why do people put-off important tasks and wait until their last breath to get it all done? Psychology experts explain, “Procrastinators are often perfectionists, for whom it may be psychologically more acceptable to never tackle a job than to face the possibility of not doing it well.” Does this sound like you?  

If you’re not careful, procrastination can become a habit! But there are best practices that you can put into place today to combat that pesky procrastination. It is not simply the act of quitting the continuity of procrastination, but rather developing better habits to replace the bad habit. 

5-step Process To Fight Procrastination 

1) Plan Ahead 

Organization is the key here. Get organized with your calendar, process and product goal. This means you know where your focus should be and you create a roadmap to light the way. This will help you “see the forest through trees,” so to speak, and know when those big deadlines or events are coming your way. 

2) Make The Deadline Appear Closer

According to Psychology Today, “One way to increase the value of completing a task is to make the finish-line seem closer.” Simply put, if you know you are always late, change your calendar to make due dates and event times earlier. If the deadline or event is important, remind yourself of it every day. In other words, keep your end goal in sight. 

3) Set A Specific Timeline

While we are talking about time, let’s talk more about timeline. The deadline must be set, but also the time required to get it done. Time is your best friend, and if you plan to meet your best friend on a particular day and time, then you dedicate yourself and show up to that commitment. No questions asked. No canceling or rescheduling. Just pure and honest commitment. 

4) Take Action

Without action, you have nothing to show for all your planning. And the action should not be whimsical, but instead deliberate. Procrastination leaves room for flaws and mistakes, while deliberate action is clear and enacts change towards a goal. 

5) Create A Habit

Create the habit of consistency along the way. Start by habit-stacking – including a new habit with a habig you are already doing. This will ensure your preparedness and ability to maintain a new set of good habits to replace the old bothersome ones. When in doubt, just circle back to the first step of planning ahead.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Career 

Overcoming procrastination is no easy thing, and it will take a conscious effort on your part to tackle it. But it can be done with the right attitude, the will to change, and dedication to this new life skill. Work with me to beat procrastination and make your dream career your real life.