I recently had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the Powerful At Work Radio podcast with Rosa Ponce de Leon! 

Are you seeking emotional wellness, leadership development, or wanting to discover your true inner power? In just over 20 minutes, we talk about these issues and so much more. On this juicy podcast, I go over how I help my clients get unstuck and live the life they’ve always wanted. 

I loved being a guest on this podcast because it was a chance to talk about success, happiness, and how to achieve career goals with another powerful woman. We offer you detailed responses and tangible advice that you can integrate into your life TODAY. 

Tune in to this episode of Powerful At Work Radio to learn how to start unlocking your GREATNESS! But for now, here is a little sneak peek of what you can expect in this podcast episode: 

Powerful At Work Radio Q & A:

Rosa Ponce de Leon: “When it comes to landing a job, most people overlook thinking about, “how does this fit with me”? So, how do people begin searching for the right fit, and what the company is all about?”

Sue Schultz: “I suggest that my clients do their research online prior to the interview on platforms, such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. It’s important to look into the company’s growth, employee satisfaction rates, and company reviews. More importantly, I encourage them to ask the important questions during the interview: about the company, culture, management. And, I advise them to gather the necessary information they need to make a sound decision on taking the job, or not. This leads to long-term happiness in their career versus short-term dissatisfaction.”

Rosa Ponce de Leon: “Sue, you talked about three areas you like to focus on in the preparation process. Could you elaborate a little on them”?

Sue Schultz: “I first start with the ‘you’ because it starts with THEM. This helps them define WHO they want to be moving forward. From here, we look at their life with a clear lens, and create useful tools together that will help carve out their new path. Only when they are ready, we connect the dots on how their life will align with the selected new path. We do this by honing in on the details and fine-combing through the parts that don’t fit with the bigger picture.”

A Podcast That Will Change Your Perception 

Plug in your headphones, enjoy this short 22-minute podcast on Powerful At Work Radio, and learn the steps to take to discover the career of your dreams. Change can happen one step at a time, through deliberate and clear action. If you are feeling stuck in getting started, I’m here to help you reach your destination! Sometimes, it just takes a little support and guidance to manifest the reality you seek. 

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